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Cheek enhancement as latest celebrity-led trend

Leading aesthetic website identifies cheek enhancement as latest celebrity-led trend

The craze for cheek contouring, much loved by the Kardashians and other Instagram stars, sees no signs of abating and now younger women are turning to injectable procedures to achieve these more chiseled cheekbones, according to leading consumer cosmetic surgery website

Facial beauty is a question of balance and the position and definition of the cheekbones are an essential element. High, rounded cheeks are also a symbol of youth. So, what are the benefits of dermal fillers for cheek enhancement?

  • No downtime: cosmetic surgery to restore volume in the mid-face or enhance the cheek area can involve a high degree of downtime. After surgery, patients can expect to be swollen and bruised for at least a couple of weeks after the procedure and the final results will not be evident for at least two months.

Dermal fillers, on the other hand, involve no downtime. Results are immediate and there is typically little swelling or bruising.

  • Little risk: cheek implants can permanently enhance the mid-face area, but there is a much greater chance of complications associated with this surgical procedure, compared to dermal fillers. Patient dissatisfaction is a common reason for removal of cheek implants.

At our the Specialist Skin Clinic, Cardiff,  we use temporary dermal fillers composed of hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring component of the skin. As well as filling wrinkles, these products can be used to enhance facial features such as the lips or cheeks.

  • Greater control: every patient is treated as an individual and our medical director Dr Maria Gonzalez is skilled in producing the patient’s desired aesthetic result. Temporary dermal fillers can be injected into the soft tissue in the cheeks, lifting and filling the mid-face which typically becomes flatter and more sunken-looking as you age.

However, for those that want to achieve a more sculpted look for their next selfie, dermal fillers injected into the cheekbone area is an effective cheek augmentation procedure. If you would like advice on whether this treatment would be suitable for you please contact the Specialist Skin Clinic in Cardiff on 02920617690 to arrange an appointment with Dr. Maria Gonzalez.

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