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Early Ageing of the Skin

Early Ageing of the Skin Caused by Excessive Sun Exposure.

The most important contributor to accelerated ageing of our skin is excessive sun exposure. Yes it is important to eat well and smoking definitely adds to the wrinkled appearance of our skin. Also some people are blessed with good genes and come from a family of relatives all looking younger than their age. However, there is no better way to maintain the appearance of our skin than by avoiding excessive sun exposure.

Sadly we are back to grey, wet days and we are all covering up to stay warm. This means very little attention will be paid to our skin. However, winter is the perfect time to have cosmetic treatments to reverse some of the signs of ageing. Laser treatments are well tolerated when carried out during the winter months as any temporary redness, swelling or pigmentation following treatment can be easily hidden. Also it is not a good idea to have laser treatment if you have a tan. Therefore a course of laser treatments is much safer to have during the winter months when there is no sign of a tan.

DAVID Age Spots-1024x680It is therefore best to organise treatments to manage your cosmetic skin problems now. By March you will be ready for the sun again! Those who suffer with pigmentation involving their face will notice that with the lovely sunshine comes the risk of existing facial pigmentation darkening. Those who suffer with melasma, a condition resulting in unsightly pigmentation of the forehead and cheeks, darkening of the skin can occur even if the highest level of sun protection (SPF 50+) is used.

Those with very fair skin may notice ‘age spots’ appearing on their hands and face. As their name implies the appearance of these are associated with ageing skin. To maintain a youthful appearance it is important that this form of pigmentation is treated.

Laser treatments can successfully treat all forms of pigmentation without significant downtime and with excellent results returning the appearance of the skin to its youthful state.

Another problem associated with excessive sun exposure is the appearance of red cheeks. Too much sun tanning can damage the dermis of the skin resulting in the skin thinning and vessels in the dermis then become more visible. This can sometimes be associated with a ruddy appearance to the face.

A red face can be successfully reduced with the use of appropriate lasers giving those affected a younger healthier appearance.Best Skin Clinic in Wales Cardiff Awards 2015

In addition to reducing facial redness and pigmentation, lasers will stimulate collagen production in the skin resulting in a smoothing of the roughness associated with early skin ageing due to excessive sun exposure giving a marked improvement in the overall appearance of the skin.

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