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The future of Botox

The future of Botox

Botox has come a long way over the past decade. New techniques and treatments are constantly being introduced, improving not just the procedure itself, but the results that Botox is capable of achieving.

There have been a few exciting developments in the industry most recently, which may see the face of wrinkle freezing treatments change in the future. ThermiRase is a radiofrequency device that has just received FDA approval in the US for the treatment of the glabellar lines.

It is described as a long-lasting treatment which would reduce the need for regular injections. Using a small probe and radiofrequency heat, the procedure aims to eliminate the wrinkles and fine lines found on the forehead.

ThermiRase could prove incredibly popular with those wanting an alternative to the needle, but for now Botox remains one of the best ways to treat glabellar lines.

  • What are glabellar lines?

Glabellar lines are the small, vertical lines located between the eyebrows and in the middle of the forehead. They’re typically one of the first signs of ageing to appear on the face and can start to develop in your mid 20s.

You’ll initially only start to notice them when you frown, but over time they start to get deeper and become much more noticeable even when you’re not frowning. Patients at our Cardiff skin clinic often complain that it makes them appear tired and grumpy even when they are not.

  • What causes frown lines to appear?

So why do these lines suddenly start appearing? Well, it’s all to do with the underlying muscles in the forehead – the depressor supercilious, corrugator supercilious and procerus – that are responsible for a wide range of facial expression. Over time, the constant contraction and relaxation of these muscles combined with depleting levels of skin elasticity results in permanent vertical creases.

  • Is Botox the best treatment for glabellar lines?

Botox is highly safe, extensively tested and the most effective solution to forehead lines. The trouble with fillers in this area, is they pose a high risk of complications and they can be dangerous when used in the forehead region.

With Botox, the toxin injected into the affected area basically paralyses and relaxes the muscles, creating a smoother-looking appearance. You’ll typically start to see results about five days after the treatment and they should last for 3 to 4 months.

  • Is Botox safe?

All procedures come with some element of risk involved. However, when carried out by an experienced medical practitioner, Botox is very straightforward and safe and it continues to be the most popular non-surgical procedure performed worldwide.

Overall, glabellar lines are the most common sign of ageing on the face and they can have a significant impact on your confidence. While exciting new treatments and devices are constantly being developed, Botox quite rightly remains the best treatment for glabellar lines that is currently available.

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