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Lateral Brow Lift

One of the best treatments for lifting the eyebrow area is by way of a lateral brow lift using dermal fillers. This is often combined with Botox injections. The Botox re-balances muscle action to allow the brow to be pulled up, and the dermal filler anchors the brow, and changes volume proportions, to create the appearance of higher eyebrows.

Lateral Brow Lift Treatment.

Dermal fillers are injectable material made of hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in our body. The function of hyaluronic acid naturally in the body is to maintain the skin’s volume and hydration. It is appropriate, therefore, that fillers made from such materials are the products used to plump up, or create shape and profile in the skin in areas which need cosmetic enhancement or re-shaping.

If a lateral brow lift is performed, it has the effect of opening the eye area, which makes the face look more wide awake, fresh and youthful. It can instantly help the patient to appear much younger and less tired looking, as it eliminates the downward droop of the outer brow.

  • How are dermal fillers administered to create a lateral brow lift?

    After assessment by one of our qualified practitioners, dermal fillers are administered by way of small injections through a fine needle around the brow area, changing proportions of shape or volume.

    The doctor has control over the volume of filler used, using just the right amount to create a natural – looking improvement, as it is essential that the lateral brow lift creates an effect in harmony with the shape of the face overall, but at the same time providing a fresh wide – awake look.

  • Are lateral brow lifts painful?

    Some of the fillers used at the Clinic have in-built Lidocaine, an anaesthetic, to help numb the area treated so as to cause minimum discomfort. Others do not, and so a topical anaesthetic is applied, which has the same effect.

    The process is comparatively quick, and the outer brow area is immediately lifted, giving a better overall youthful look to the face, and boosting confidence in the appearance instantly.

  • How long does the effect of the lateral brow lift last, and are there any side effects?

    Typically, and dependant on the product used, between 6-12 months. Once the injections have been administered, the area may be a little swollen for a short time.

    Side effects are rare, as hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring in humans, and over time, will be broken down and eliminated naturally through the body.

  • Who will perform the dermal fillers for lateral brow lift treatment?

    As with all Dermal Fillers treatments, Lateral Brow Lift treatment for men and women is performed by one of our qualified practitioners and supervised by Doctor Maria Gonzalez.

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