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Pucker up: everything you ever wanted to know about lip enhancement

Pucker up: everything you ever wanted to know about lip enhancement

Lip enhancement procedures have significantly risen in popularity in recent years, with more women than ever before desperate to achieve the perfect pout.

While lip enhancement has gained a negative image in the past, improvements made within the industry are now helping to make this once taboo procedure, one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available. So, what does a lip enhancement involve and what can you expect if you decide to get it done?

  • What does lip enhancement involve?

There are several types of lip enhancements available, but the most common tends to be lip filler injections. These help to plump up the lips, creating a full, perfect pout. There are more than 100 dermal fillers used in the cosmetic surgery industry, but hyaluronic acid tends to be the most commonly used in the lips.

Featuring a gel consistency, hyaluronic acid has a very natural effect. It is also known to be one of the safest dermal fillers, with practically a zero risk of the patient suffering an allergic reaction. The newer developed fillers are designed to blend in naturally with your lips own collagen. So, unlike fillers of the past, you’re now guaranteed a natural-looking result.

So, the main question is, does it hurt? The truth is, it depends upon your individual pain threshold. Each patient is different and while some report that the actual filler injections were painful, others report only a slight discomfort. The good news is, the procedure is very quick so any discomfort you may feel is over before you know it.

  • Results and recovery

After the treatment, results will be immediately noticeable. The length of time you can expect the treatment to last however, very much depends upon your body. Most patients require additional treatment in six to nine months, though you may find yours only lasts for three months.

What’s really great about modern lip enhancements is that they can easily be reversed. If, for whatever reason, you don’t like the results, a hyaluronidase compound can be injected, and it immediately reverses the effect. Alternatively, you can simply wait for the filler to wear off naturally and your lips will automatically retain their original shape.

  • What is the ideal lip size?

With lip enhancements, you can opt to have the upper, lower or both lips treated. In older women, the upper lip tends to be the best area to target as that is where most of the volume is lost during the aging process.

A recent study has actually determined what the ideal lip size is. Results showed the ideal lip size involves a 53.5% increase in lip surface, with a 1:2 ratio of the upper to lower lip. However, this is very much a rough guide, as when it comes to lip enhancement, everyone has their own individual preferences.

Overall, lip enhancements are becoming extremely popular and this is largely down to improvements in dermal filler treatments. If you’re looking to plump up the lips and retain a youthful, smooth smile, lip enhancement can really help.

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